GEORGE GURLEY is a contributing writer for The New York Observer and Vanity Fair who has also written for many other publications as diverse as Playboy, Marie Claire, and The New York Times. He and his fiancée Hilly live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and are planning a wedding. Perhaps very soon, but definitely before the end of the decade.

2 Responses to About

  1. Hey , Fat Guy Across America is a fraud,and you did not due your due diligence ,check out getoffmyinternets.com,maybe do a follow up on him,and expose him for what he is,he made a fool out of you.

  2. Mary Gerette says:

    Mr Gurley I hope you will take the time to write up Rick Hart’s journey. facebook
    “Road Warrior Cyclist” he is riding from Newport RI to San Diego CA to
    raise $$$ for homeless veterans.

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