George & Hilly: The Anatomy of a Relationship

“A pleasure to read.”

―Tom Wolfe, #1 bestselling author of The Bonfire of the Vanities

Longtime New York nightlife reporter and humor columnist George Gurley at last tells the complete and outrageously humorous story of how he and his girlfriend Hilly attempted―with the occasionally bemused assistance of therapist Dr. Selman―to analyze a relationship poised on the brink of commitment.

George has a great many qualms about marriage. But after over three years of dating Hilly, he’s equally sure that she is the only woman in the world for him. Perhaps it’s finally time for a march down the aisle. Well . . . for an engagement ring. Maybe. Or not.

Fresh from what he and Hilly are terming The Big Fight—a tentative discussion of a future together—George is eager for insight on whether he’s finally ready (after twenty years) to scale back his bar-hopping, party boy Manhattan life for the love of one fascinating woman. Ever the writer, George conceives a bold plan. He and Hilly will participate in therapy with Dr. Harold Selman, and George will tape record the sessions.

Six years of intensive therapy with Dr. Selman—combined with innumerable mandated “discussions” (read fights) on their own watch―force these two mismatched but undefeated soul mates to evolve into quasi semi-adults. Wise-ass, confessional, always compelling, George and Hilly is a story of sex, love, money, and big city life . . . and of a loveable (and loving) train wreck of a couple who refuse to call their relationship quits just because they’ve hit a few bumps.

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